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Robotics/SPMs. Manufacturers

Automation Using Robotic. M/c  
Assembly Table  with Pika Pika System 
PC based Quality Checking System
Low Pressure Die Casting
Car AC Blower Test Machine
Batch Code/no.Punching Needle Bearing M/c  With Pika Pika
Belt & Roller Conveyors

Loading & unloading of the component from Metal Testing , Centreless grinder,
Rolling, & Braoching  machines using Pneumatics and Robotic Arms , Belt and Gravity
Conveyors in order to reduce man power and human errors

Mistake proofing of steering assembly line includes :Pinion & Rackbar housing Greasing, yoke ,
washer & plug Fitting ,Torqung, Neutral Guage checking, Circlip, Dust cap ect.,


  • Gear parameters like tooth depth, peak to neutral, center shift, No. of peaks can be recorded and the grph can be plotted
  • The Graph and parameters can be saved for each components and can revived at any point of time
  • Printout of parameters of any component or batch can be taken
  • Bore guage Pokayokes interlock with M/c.


Mould ,Ejector close open operatios, Die cooling operations, Furnace
pressurisation is controlled along with pressurisation Graph in Low
pressure die casting  machines using PLC and MMI based panele along
with Phenumatic valves.

Blower is tested at different speed I.e speed 1,2,3,4,5   and if the current in
tolerance limit as set  then the Ok Lamps Glows,otherwise NG lamp glows.

Electronic Batch code/Number punching  machine  are tailored made so as to suit the
marking on the desired location of the component .The numbder can be selected
either from the keypad of the instrument or it can be interfaced with SAP

Automatic Grease/Sealant  dispensing takes place when component is placed on the
fixture These units can be interfaced either with Machines or with Assembly lines
/tables, were sequencing is interlocked.Grease/ Sealant amount is adjustable .

Pokayoke for Pickup of Needle bearing, Pick up of Bush,  Pokayoke of grease,
when all 3 lamps glows,  then press operated when two hand buttons are pressed

Belt and Roller conveyor are manufactured as per customer requirement .

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