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FX1S Series
FX1N Series
FX2N Series
FX3N Series
Q Series
GOT Touch Screen
FRS 540 440V 3 Phase drive low cost model
FRE 540 440V 3 Phase drive vector control
FRA 740 440V 3 Phase drive vector control
FRS 520 200 1 Phase input & 3 Phase output

MMI (Man Machine Interface)
E-100, E-200, E-300, E-600, E-610, E-1000 series

XMP8-15 Micro PLC.
Nexagen 2000 PLC.
Nexagen 5000 PLC.
Senior & Junior MMI.
Rex Remote I/O 's.
Push button panel on serial port

Programmer for Mitshubishi PLCs with build in serial port.
Microsoft windows XP professional operating systems.
Mitshubishi GX developer software with programming cable.
E-Terminal software with programming cable.
GT Designer software with programming cable

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