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Process Industries

Batch Mixing Plant   
Nickle plants  
Chrome plants
Zinc plants
Alodine panels
Phosphating plants Fertiliser Plant
Steel Rolling Mills

Sequence and batch process is controlled using PLC based panel .The process follows: polyster chips are taken from different hopper as per weight set and transffered to Mixer hopper for mixing different and transfeering to Moulding machine,were it is melted and transffered to Streching and sizing Oven for controlling uniform thickness of Poly film and it is winded in rolls.

  • Pick Place sequence is programmable through MMI upto 5 transporters
  • Interlock is programmable
  • User friendly system
  • Sequence of operation can be change at any point of time
  • recipe function available
  • Process parameters lik temperature,
    PH, current can be controlled

Sequence and batch processing parameters like temperature is controlled and it is pressed with servo Press to give curve shape to glass,and quenched to make it Hard so that it breaks into pieces when accidents takes place.These toughen glasses is used in 4-wheelers.


Sequence and process is controlled using PLC based panel .Conveyor motor on sequencially one after another as per sequence required and filling the hoppers as per levels and hopper sequence priority.

Sequence and batch process is controlled using PLC based panel .Hot Billet is cut as per the length fed in to the operator console .


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